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TV Programs
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The Journal Of Religious Studies

Motif Yayıncılık Reklamcılık Pazarlama Ltd. Şti.

The Journal Of Religious Studies

Our journal, which aims to provide scientific information to a wide readership interested in the field of religious science, especially academicians and students in the field of theology, has a total of 60 issues published so far.

TV Programs

In addition to his musical activities, Kaya Kuzucu, the artist of motif broadcasting, also makes programs on national and international television channels. Our artist, who is a guest of many TV programs along with the programs he prepares and presents, contributes to the promotion of Turkish World Music.

Social Events and Concert Programs

Motif Publishing contributes to cultural activities such as festivals and concerts as well as music trainings and periodicals.

Music Courses

Different levels of training are provided within the framework of motif music courses. In order to introduce and popularize Turkish Music and instruments to our children and young people, music trainings are carried out from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.


Our artistic activities continue unabated. We have 12 music albums in total.